Patient Q Score FAQs

Patient Q Score

What does Patient Q Score mean?

Your Patient Q Score helps you to understand just how healthy you are by placing you in an imaginary queue of 100 people. This positioning helps you to visualise your risk of experiencing cardiovascular disease in the future, as well as identifying what impact your lifestyle is having on your health. The higher up the queue you are, the less risk there is to you.

What if my Patient Q Score is low?

Once you’ve completed the health assessment and received your Patient Q Score, we’ll be able to see just how healthy you are. We’ll then provide you with recommendations on how you can improve your health, but if we identify any areas for concern, we’ll advise you to discuss these with your GP, and provide you with a letter you can take along with you informing the GP of our concerns.

How do I update my Patient Q Score?

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll automatically be directed to your dashboard. From here you’ll be able to update your Patient Q Score by clicking on the ‘Update Q Score’ button. You’ll then be taken through the health assessment but all your previous answers will be populated so all you need to do is update any that have changed.

How do I know the information I enter is stored safely?

Your security is very important to us. We take a number of measures to help safeguard you while you are using the MyHealth tool. uses a security certificate issued by a trusted authority. This is a way to prove the site is genuine and to tell your browser to use strong encryption for every page you view. You will see the same technique used by online banks and many online shops.

We also store all of the data in a secure manner. MyHealth data are encrypted on a database with a key file stored on a server separate from publicly accessible directories and are only readable via Apache root user permissions. Root users are restricted to essential IT staff only and access logs are maintained.

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