Moderation and Reporting Posts

Due to the large number of discussions and comments posted in the forums we cannot read or check every comment. We do not actively moderate the forums except for posts that have been sent for moderation or brought to our attention by users of the site. When posts are brought to our attention we will investigate any issues and if necessary will action as per the T&Cs . 

If you think a discussion or reply needs checking by the moderators use the "Report" link that is at the bottom of all comment boxes. This is the quickest way to let us know about suspect posts and when you use the link you can give a reason for reporting - see attached image below. If posts are reported this way it can help to stop arguments in the discussions or from the discussion going off topic.

Patient will never reveal who has reported a discussion or reply as inappropriate (or for whatever reason). It is in your best interests to not reveal your reporting activities to any other user, especially not to those (or their possible cohorts) whom you have reported. If in any doubt, deny all reporting activities.

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