Alternative medicines, opinions etc.

While Patient is an evidence based site providing articles based on current guidelines the forums are an open discussion area where posts are the users' opinions only and not endorsed by us nor are we liable for these. We cannot stop users posting their opinions or delete comments simply because another user may not agree with it as long as the post does not breach the T&Cs. We also will not delete comments because "it is not advised by medical professionals" - the moderators cannot check posts to see if advice given is "medically correct". If users disagree with advice given they can reply as such politely but it is up to the other users as to whether to take the advice or not.

We will delete comments that are obviously medically dangerous, these should be reported using the Report link.

There is a Group here for discussions specifically about alternative medicine.

Use this group for general discussions on these subjects. If you post alternate views in other groups or discussions it is up to other users as to whether they want to take the advice or ignore. However, do not take over another user’s discussion “campaigning” and/or repeatedly dismiss or criticise conventional medicine etc. This is classed as disruptive behaviour and if it continues comments will be deleted and accounts will be deactivated as per the T&Cs. If you are starting a discussion on a “non conventional” subject in the condition group make it clear in the discussion title what the subject is so users not interested in the subject can ignore it.

Users need to respect other users' opinions and feelings when posting and not force personal views on others. This includes telling other users not to follow advice they have been given by doctors or other therapists - this can be dangerous. If users taking part in a discussion do not wish to hear about or be advised on alternative medicines, treatments or theories do not post about these in their discussions. This is also true if the discussion is about alternative medicines, if you are not interested in these then do not post in specific discussions about them. 

If you are getting notifications about discussions you are not interested in you can leave the group or unfollow the discussion by clicking the button at the top of the relevant page.

At the bottom of each discussion there is a "Start your own discussion" button so if you think posting in an existing discussion may cause offence or create issues then you can start a new discussion. Remember: these forums are used by all age groups and users with completely different views about medicine. If users continually try and force their opinions on to other users or start adding offensive or rude replies or taking discussions off topic then as per the T&Cs we will delete comments and may deactivate accounts. 

If there are any conflicts use the Report link to draw them to the moderators' attention but note, do not report posts simply because you disagree with an opinion. 

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