Starting a new discussion

When you start a new Discussion; including the name of the condition or medication in the title of the discussion will help other users find your post while searching the site.

You can add formatting such as Bold and Italics text, emoticons and upload an image to your post if it would help with your discussion. Once you have typed your comments you need to choose where to put the post unless you are starting a discussion from a Group page. In this case the Group is pre-selected but you can change the Group if required. Type the condition or medicine in the filter box and any relevant Groups will display. Select the Group and click "Post your discussion".

If you do not get any Groups returned when filtering:
  • Check the spelling, eg anemia, we use the UK spelling anaemia.
  • Try an alternative name as we cannot list every disease/medicine name, eg if a brand name for a medicine doesn't return try the generic name.
  • If there is still no Group then post your discussion in one of the "Other" Groups that appear and we will move it to the correct Group or create a new title if required.
If your discussion is a general topic not specific to a condition or medicine you can post it in the Chatroom Group.

If you include content that needs checking to comply with the T&Cs, ie links to other sites, the Discussion will go for moderation before it is posted on the site.

Do not post the same Discussion more than once especially in the same Group as this breaches the T&Cs.

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