I've forgotten my password - how do I access my account?

Note: this is help for your Patient sign in for PatientPro, Forums and MyHealth accounts. To view forgotten password help for Patient Access click here.

1. To change your password you must have access to the email account that you registered with. On the sign in page click "Forgotten password?" This will begin the process.

2. Enter your email address into the text box and click the "Send Email" button.

3. A confirmation will appear saying that you have been sent an email to create a new password.

4. The next step is to log into your email account and click the link provided which will open a new page.

5. Here you must enter a new password (at least 8 characters with at least one uppercase character and one digit) twice to ensure you do not incorrectly type your new password. Finally clicking the "Update” button will complete the password change.

6. When you see this confirmation and click "Continue" you will be signed in with your new password which you should now use in future.

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