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  1. Patient Access - Getting Started 

    1. What is Patient Access?
    2. How does Patient Access work?
    3. Can I use Patient Access?
    4. Is Patient Access a free service?
    5. How do I download/install previous iOS versions of the app?
  2. Patient Access - Registering 

    1. How do I register?
    2. Having issues with registration?
    3. Are my email and mobile phone number required?
    4. Why does the site ask me security questions?
  3. Patient Access - Signing In and User Details 

    1. How do I sign in from Patient?
    2. Forgotten your User ID or Password?
    3. How do I get my User ID to sign in?
    4. When I sign in why can I only change my details?
    5. How do I change my details, password and security questions?
  4. Patient Access - Appointments 

    1. How do I book appointments?
    2. Why is the link to book appointments missing?
    3. Why are no appointments available?
    4. There are very limited appointments available?
    5. Why can't I book more appointments?
  5. Patient Access - Prescriptions 

    1. How do I order a repeat prescription?
    2. Why is the link to order a prescription missing?
    3. What do the prescription statuses mean?
    4. Why can't the prescription status say "Ready for collection"?
    5. How do I request a drug that isn't on my repeat list?
  6. Patient Access - Message Service 

    1. Where is the link to Send a Message?
    2. How do I send a message?
    3. I get an error saying characters are not allowed when sending a message.
    4. Why is there a limit on the number of characters allowed in messages?
  7. Patient Access - Medical Record 

    1. How do I view my medical record?
  8. Patient Access - Reporting Issues 

    1. I still have a problem after reading the articles or my question is not answered.
    2. I have a suggestion for an improvement to the site.
    3. Was Patient Access affected by the Heartbleed Bug?
  9. Patient Access - Videos 

    1. Watch videos on using Patient Access
  10. Patient Access - Apple Health app integration 

    1. What is the Patient Access and Apple Health app integration?
    2. How do I start to use the service?
    3. What health information can I share?
    4. Who can see the health information that I share?
    5. Where is the health information that I have shared stored?
  11. Patient FAQs 

    1. I've forgotten my password - how do I access my account?
    2. How do I update my details or change my password?
    3. How do I unsubscribe to MyHealth emails?
    4. PatientPro account FAQs
    5. Patient Q Score FAQs
  12. Discussion Forums 

    1. Updates to the forums
    2. Starting a new discussion
    3. Replying to a Discussion or Comment
    4. Adding links to posts
    5. Alternative medicines, opinions etc.
  13. Advertising 

    1. Why do you have adverts on your site?
    2. I would like to advertise on your site
    3. I would like to write a guest article for your site
    4. How do I stop inappropriate adverts appearing?
    5. I would like to turn off all adverts on your site
  14. All articles 

    1. Why do you have adverts on your site?
    2. What is Patient Access?
    3. How do I register?
    4. How do I sign in from Patient?
    5. How do I book appointments?

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